RAF4 is a legislated form for claimants who seek to be compensated for non-pecuniary loss sustained as a result of a motor collision. The completion of this form assists with determining if the claimant qualifies for such loss alleged to have been incurred.


Medico-Legal Reports which are consequential to an assessment provides the judge in a court of law to the outcome evidence of the assessment and the expert will make recommendations from which the judge can make informed decisions regarding third-party compensation matters.

Neuro-Psychometric Assessments

Neuro-Psychometric Assessments are used to assess cognitive functioning after a head injury as well as to determine if there is cognitively declined for illnesses such as dementia.

Neuroscience Coaching

Neuroscience Coaching facilitates the brain’s to be the ability to change thereby helping an individual to bring out the best in them and to rewire their brain to make it easy for the changes to become a normality.

Sports Concussion

Sports concussion is a risk that occurs in contact sporting activities like football and rugby, as these sporting activities involve forceful contact with other players, and in which the head is vulnerable to high-speed contact, typically like heading of the soccer ball. The impact of such a blow can jar the head, possibly bruising the brain as it is shaken around within the skull. Typical symptoms of sports concussion (post-concussion symptoms) are dizziness, headaches, fatigue and concentration problems.


A concussion is a forceful blow to the head can cause a concussion (Mild Traumatic Head Injury): It may cause temporary disturbance of the brains normal functioning. Even though there may be no obvious sign of injury, early assessment is important to rule out serious underlying damage to the brain.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury includes any damage to the brain caused by an external force. It can occur with or without injury to the skull. Even when there is no visible damage to the head, like after sports collision, or car accident after suffering whiplash.


Stress is mental, physical or emotional circumstances/ factors that cause mental or/ and bodily tension. It might be caused by personal relationships, occupational or environmental problems. 


Neuropsychology is the study of how the brain functions and it’s relationship to behaviour/ how the brain and behaviour are connected.

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